General Guidelines

Effective use of videoconferencing technology tools for interactive learning requires practice and planning as well as attention to a few important guidelines and best practices. The document (linked below ) has been designed to help you to use videoconferencing technology effectively to facilitate Distance Learning to our students.

Zoom General features:

Important Notice: Starting Sept. 27th, 2020, all meetings must have either a Waiting Room or Passcode enabled. Click here for more information.

  1. Can be used for Synchronous and  Asynchronous Lesson. Teachers can record a class or tutorial in the cloud or on the local computer and then send the link of the recording or post it on Schoology.

  2. To review settings and Zoom management, click here

  3. Users can be pushed to be registered before joining a meeting.

  4. The service allows you to host meetings with up to 300 participants with recording. For more details click here.

  5. To log in, please use this link:

  6. Test your audio and webcam before your conference begins:


Zoom video Resources

 Zoom - Beginners Tutorial

Using Zoom features for online learning  

Setting up a class in Zoom

Recording a Zoom Class/Meeting

How to Share Recorded Zoom Videos

Save Zoom Recording to Google Drive

How Find / Manage Your Zoom Recordings

How to Use Zoom with Schoology

How to enable Breakout Rooms

How to use Breakout rooms in Zoom for Teaching and learning

Frequent Asking Questions

  • Does the Breakout Rooms work in Chromebooks? Yes. Harmony has pushed the Zoom Extension to all devices. Make sure it is updated

  • How many participants do the Zoom Harmony Accounts can have? Up to 100 or 300 depending on the type of license. If you have questions about this, submit a ticket through our Help Desk.

  • How to log in to my Harmony Zoom Account? Click here to log in

  • Can I use Cloud Recording in Zoom? Yes. However, after 14 days all recording in the cloud expired and they will be deleted automatically. Make sure you download them or you can record on the local computer and then uploaded in Google Drive. Click here to watch the video. 

  • How to change the Sign-in email in my account? Click here to find steps

  • How to take attendance with Zoom? Click here to watch the video

  • Which video tools can use to edit videos? Click here to see the suggested apps.

  • A Student having the error: "The meeting is for internal only. Please sign in with your company account to join." or "The Meeting is for authorized attendees only" Please click here for troubleshooting this error.If this issue persists, please clean the cache or/and re-enroll Chromebook if needed.

  • A student is having the error: “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”! Please click here for troubleshooting this error. If this issue persists, please clean the cache or/and re-enroll Chromebook if needed.

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