• Access:

    Website for Teachers and Students :  
    Click here

    Login for Administrators
    :  Click here

  • Teacher  Credentials:
    Username: Email address
    Password: HPS123


  • Student Credentials
    Username:  Eduphoria (Student ID) 
    Password:  123asd
    Students have another option to login using Student Badges. Click here  to see how badges work. Technology teachers at your campus also have mentioned badges.

  • Database synchronization: Yes. Study Island Databases now are synchronized with campus. There is no need to create/delete new students or teachers as long School Database is updated. 


  • Study Island Report Cheat Sheet

  • Use the School Reports link. The Blue Ribbon Report is the most popular report for viewing the progress of each student in your class in one report. Feel free to explore and run any other reports that are helpful.

  • 10 Reviewing School reports (Video)



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