• District Coverage?: Harmony uses this program for K-8th Grades.  

  • Required Install software? No. It is an online resource for students.

  • Is it Clever Ready? Yes. Students use My Harmony Portal to log in. 

  • Integration?:  Campus database is synchronized with Learning.com every night. If the campus has one new student/teacher, once they are entered in the School database, new student/teacher will appear the next day on the Learning.com system.

  • Adding students manually?:  Teachers do not need to add or delete students. Make sure they are in the School database.

  • Gradebook hanging? Please, clear your browser's cache. Steps are here


  • Troubleshooting tips

  • Contact Support Team: It is available to help you weekdays from 8am - 8pm EST. 800.580.4640 x2 email us at: support@learning.com

  • Live Chat 


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